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Investing in a connected agricultural software

Connected agricultural software

Agroneo is an agricultural SaaS, a web-based software for organizing plantations and livestock for individuals and professionals. Agroneo allows for the tracking and management of various types of plantations: gardens, ornamentals, associations, ecological, industrial, agricultural operations, and cooperatives.

We have been developing the Agroneo software since 2012. It has existed in various forms and versions over the years. We own the domain names,, and

Every year, we cultivate a garden and have been raising animals since 2012. Currently, we have a 900m² garden with raised beds and around thirty hens being brooded at our place. This is a way for us to refine our insights and discover new needs for Agroneo.

The initial version was an Android application built using PhoneGap framework, which stored its data via Google Cloud and its Datastore. This system allowed us to track the tree planting that we were conducting in Madagascar using our own funds for reforestation purposes. Unfortunately, the plantation was set on fire by cattle herders in the third year.

The second version was a website providing agricultural planting advice. It resulted from merging an ecology news website we acquired in 2014 and articles about fruits and vegetables from around the world. We didn’t have the time to verify the accuracy of the approximately 3000 texts that were published there. The traffic was moderate and generated no advertising revenue, so everything was transferred to another site.

From the outset, Agroneo had the goal of providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for all types of planters: gardeners, balcony growers, agricultural operators, forestry and agricultural NGOs, and agricultural import industry players.

By "agricultural import industry players," we mean companies similar to the "Bolloré of the 1980s" in the agri-food sector. These are companies that operate agricultural lands in "under" developed countries, sending agronomists to manage these plantations. With a service like Agroneo’s SaaS and the widespread development of internet networks in these countries, they could keep their agronomists at their headquarters, thus reducing the costs of their expatriations while entrusting them with more operations.

By extension, and because "in Africa, without a boss, there is no work," allowing the development of such activities at a lower cost for independent managers or giving Africans the freedom to promote and manage their farms while seeking investments based on evidence of their activities on Agroneo.

The ability to monitor a farm online allows for the dissemination of its organization and operation. Which treatments are applied, what cultural practices are followed, what impact on the environment... in short, a true transparent and open-source agricultural certification label (organic, sustainable, etc.).

The concept of an agricultural social network, which Agroneo would be, would enable the launching of alerts based on the geolocation of parasite and fungal attacks. Agricultural pests (Colorado potato beetle, fruit fly, flea beetles, aphids, codling moth, etc.) and pathogenic fungi (downy mildew, powdery mildew, rust, canker, etc.) develop based on climatic conditions at any given time. Agroneo would thus serve as a vigilance service, helping to minimize the quantity of treatments to be applied.

The primary objective of Agroneo is an advanced software application for mobile smartphones. However, the future lies in the expansive realm of virtual reality with the resurgence of large screens. Therefore, Agroneo must be developed for the web in HTTP format and for mobile in Android Java SDK format. We have chosen Flutter to address these challenges.

Many other features will be implemented, but the list would be far too long and the trade secrets revealed. If you provide us with a piece in exchange for shares, we can discuss it further.

In summary: Exchange, share, partner, communicate, certify, manage, track, organize, log, audit, control, validate, big data for agricultural production.

We don’t need a lot of money; we’re not talking about a billion-dollar startup for empty promises. We simply need, in order of importance:

  • To pay ourselves
  • An agricultural farm for our experiments
  • To hire proactive agricultural engineers (writing, marketing, business plans, project proposals, etc.)
  • To return to Africa to recruit more programmers
  • Another agricultural farm in the north of Madagascar

Startup, start-down, the choice is yours.

We have valued the domain names at $800K, and this is the only thing that is not negotiable. The foundational engine for the Cloud component has been partially developed, representing two years of work.

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